The Conflict of Laws in New Zealand

A comprehensive analysis on cross-border matters in New Zealand

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780947514112

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The Conflict of Laws in New Zealand provides a thorough treatment of the principles and rules applying to the cross-border aspects of civil claims and proceedings in New Zealand.

The first comprehensive text on the conflict of laws (private international law) in New Zealand, the book covers adjudicatory jurisdiction, choice of law, the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, and civil procedure specific to cross-border disputes. It has dedicated chapters explaining the rules applicable to obligations (including contract and tort), property and trusts, succession, family law, and corporations and insolvency.

Co-authored by a practitioner and an academic, the book is an indispensable resource for practitioners, academics, the judiciary and students, addressing both the theoretical basis of the subject and the practical application of its rules and principles.


• First book of its kind in NZ since 1959
• Only NZ book focussed on the Conflict of Laws
• Authoritative content from subject matter experts, endorsed by leading legal academics, judges and practitioners

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Jurisdiction

Chapter 3: Procedure

Chapter 4: Choice of law

Chapter 5: Foreign judgements

Chapter 6: Obligations

Chapter 7: Property and trusts

Chapter 8: Administration and succession

Chapter 9: Family

Chapter 10: Corporations