Trade Marks in Practice, 5th edition

The only specialist text on New Zealand trade mark law

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Release Date: July 08, 2024
ISBN/ISSN: 9781988598628

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Written for the busy practitioner, and cited in numerous decisions of the courts and the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, Trade Marks in Practice is an accessible guide to the Trade Marks Act 2002.

With easy to follow section-by-section commentary and updated case law, the entire text has been substantially revised since the 4th edition, with Rob Batty and Kevin Glover taking over from Paul Sumpter following his retirement.

Trade Marks in Practice, 5th edition includes extended commentary on key sections of the Trade Marks Act 2002, such as s 17, 18, 25, 32, 66 and 89. It draws on key decisions from IPONZ and the New Zealand courts, as well as important cases from Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Singapore. It includes a new introductory section which contextualises the Trade Marks Act 2002 by examining other methods of protecting distinctive signs and indicia, the theoretical justifications for the protection of trade marks, the history of trade mark protection, the international influences on New Zealand trade mark and the scheme of the legislation and the Trade Marks Regulations 2003, and how different provisions inter-relate with each other.


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Table of contents


Trade Marks Act 2002

  1. Part 1: Preliminary (ss 2–8)

  2. Part 2: Registrability of trade marks (ss 9–30)

  3. Part 3: Process for obtaining registration of trade mark and other matters (ss 31–87)

  4. Part 4: Legal proceedings (ss 88–174)

  5. Part 5: Administrative provisions and miscellaneous (ss 175–209)

Trade Marks Regulations 2003