Student Companion: Public Law, 6th edition

Student Companion: Public Law, contains summaries of New Zealand and international decisions which are relevant to the study of company law in New Zealand.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927313848
Release Date: October 01, 2016
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Release Date: October 01, 2016
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The 6th edition of Student Companion: Public Law contains concise summaries of the leading decisions that are covered in the study of public law. This is an invaluable, easy-to-read reference tool for students, designed to be used in conjunction with lecture notes and existing text materials.

For this edition the author Simon Dorset has condensed and reordered some case summaries, removed cases that are no longer essential and added new cases particularly with regard to Administrative Law; Bill of Rights; Treaty of Waitangi and Royal Prerogative areas, ensuring the Student Companion: Public Law continued relevance and usefulness to students of public law.

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Table of contents

1. Parliamentary Sovereignty

2. Rule of Law

3. Separation of Powers

4. Conventions

5. The Royal Prerogative

6. Privileges of the House

7. Administrative Law — Judicial Review

8. Treaty of Waitangi

9. New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

10. Access to Government Information