Annotated High Court Rules, 4th edition

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Release Date: September 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9780947514662

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Annotated High Court Rules is designed to provide the busy practitioner with a single-volume guide to bringing a civil case in the High Court. It contains all the High Court Rules and associated commentary, taken from the authoritative online service Sim’s Court Practice.

The fourth edition of what was previously titled New Zealand Procedure Manual: High Court, includes the Rules requiring the headings of Court documents to include the name of the registry in te reo Māori, changes stemming from the entry into force of the Interest on Money Claims Act 2016, updated references regarding the change from the Judicature Act 1908 to the Senior Courts Act 2016, and updates on the Senior Courts (Access to Court Documents) Rules 2017 which replace the High Court Rules 2016 Part 3 subpart 2 (revoked).

Other amendments include the continued focus on case management, the 2016 Practice Note, which promotes the use of electronic common bundles and casebooks, and the Judicial Review Procedure Act 2016 replacing the Judicature Amendment Act 1972, where as well as substantive matters, it sets out procedures for judicial review proceedings either incorporating, or complementary to, those for ordinary civil proceedings in the High Court.

This commentary will be of value to practitioners as a practical and portable guide to the complex area of High Court civil procedure.


• Contains up-to-date material on High Court Rules, accompanied by the associated commentary.
• Provides practical, step-by-step guidelines to civil procedure in New Zealand’s high court.
• Contains select content from the highly regarded Sim’s Court Practice.

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Table of contents

Part 1 – Rules of general application

Part 2 – Jurisdiction and powers of Associate Judges and Registrars

Part 3 – Court administration

Part 4 – Parties

Part 5 – Commencement of proceedings and filing of documents

Part 6 – Service

Part 7 – Case management, interlocutory applications, and interim relief

Part 8 – Discovery and inspection and interrogatories

Part 9 – Evidence

Part 10 – Trial

Part 11 – Judgment

Part 12 – Summary judgment

Part 13 – Summary proceeding for recovery of land

Part 14 – Costs

Part 15 – Disposal other than by trial

Part 16 – Accounts and inquiries

Part 17 – Enforcement

Part 18 – Applications in equity and under statutes

Part 19 – Originating applications

Part 20 – Appeals

Part 21 – Cases stated

Part 22 – Patents

Part 23 – Enforcement between jurisdictions

Part 24 – Insolvency

Part 25 – Admiralty

Part 26 – Arbitration Act 1996

Part 27 – Administration (including probate)

Part 28 – Trans-Tasman competition proceedings

Part 29 – Commercial list

Part 30 – Judicial review

Part 31 – Companies: Liquidation

Part 32 – Freezing orders

Part 33 – Search orders