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A Practical Guide to Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, 2nd edition

A Practical Guide to Criminal Procedure in New Zealand, 2nd edition

Murray, I, 2016

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A Practical Guide to Criminal Procedure in New Zealand 2nd ed is designed to be a convenient and practical handbook for anyone working within the criminal procedure area in New Zealand


Format: Paperback


This book provides comprehensive commentary to the Criminal Procedure Act 2011, in addition to the accompanying Regulations and Rules.

When it was enacted, the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 represented the most significant reform of criminal procedure in over 50 years. This second edition takes in developments in the law since the legislation was first passed.

Criminal procedure legislation is annotated by a leading expert in the field, so as to provide maximum usability to practitioners practicing in criminal procedure.



- Annotated legislation
- Supplementary legislation
- Guidelines


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Ian Murray LLB (Hons), BA (University of Otago) has substantial experience as a Crown Prosecutor. In 2010, he was a contributor to the Criminal Procedure (Simplification) project which was jointly conducted by the Ministry of Justice and the Law Commission. This project resulted in the Criminal Procedure (Reform and Modernisation) Bill. He began his career as a researcher with the Law Commission. While at the Law Commission he undertook extensive research relating to the new Evidence Act and proposed changes to the criminal justice system. Ian is now Crown Counsel at Crown Law in Wellington, working predominately in the Court of Appeal.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Preliminary provisions

Chapter 3 – Commencement of proceedings

Chapter 4 – Pleas and election

Chapter 5 – Case management

Chapter 6 – Sentencing indications

Chapter 7 – Transfer to trial court

Chapter 8 – Pre-trial procedures and pleas

Chapter 9 - Trial

Chapter 10 – Presence of parties at hearing

Chapter 11 – Provisions relating to charges

Chapter 12 – Retrials following acquittals

Chapter 13 – Adjournments, transfers, witness summons and warrants

Chapter 14 – Dealing with defendants under 20

Chapter 15 – Stays, rehearings and records

Chapter 16 – Solicitor-General’s role and Crown involvement

Chapter 17 – Reporting and publication

Chapter 18 – Appeals: introduction

Chapter 19 – Pre-trial appeals

Chapter 20 – Conviction appeals

Chapter 21 – Sentence appeals

Chapter 22 – Contempt of court appeals

Chapter 23 – Costs order appeals

Chapter 24 – Suppression order appeals

Chapter 25 – Question of law appeals

Chapter 26 – Other appeals

Chapter 27 – Solicitor-General’s references appeals

Chapter 28 – Appeals: general provisions

Chapter 29 – District Court Jurisdiction

Chapter 30 – General Provisions

Chapter 31 – Rules and Regulations

Chapter 32 – Transitional and savings provisions

Appendix A – Criminal Procedure Rules 2012

Appendix B – Court of Trial Protocol

Appendix C – Crown Prosecution Regulations 2013

Appendix D – Solicitor-General’s Prosecution Guidelines

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