Accident Compensation Law

This text outlines the operation of the ACC regime, identifies the difficulties and issues which arise for people when requiring ACC assistance and advises on how to best address these difficulties.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927183304
Release Date: December 01, 2012
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Release Date: December 01, 2012
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This text has a practical focus but also necessarily includes some policy aspects in order to best contextualise the practical.

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• Ben Thompson, Accident Compensation Act: Key Sections, 2014


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 - The origin of the Accident Compensation scheme and its historic development

Chapter 2 - ACC cover

Chapter 3 - Medical Misadventure/Treatment Injury

Chapter 4 - Entitlements arising out of cover

Chapter 5 - Termination of ACC cover and entitlements.

Chapter 6 - The Appeal Process

Chapter 7 - Medical Opinion

Chapter 8 - Occupational Health and Safety

Chapter 9 - Social Security Entitlements

Chapter 10 - Conclusions