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The Law and Practice of Charities in New Zealand (eBook)

The Law and Practice of Charities in New Zealand (eBook)

Susan Barker, Michael Gousmett; Ken Lord, 2013

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eBook 9781927227114 $150.00
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Red Book PANZRED0SU $150.00

This title fills the gap in the area of resources for those researching or advising on charity law.
Format: ePub 

This title is also available in Practitioner Book Online format.


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This title provides the reader with a comprehensive up-to-date compendium on New Zealand charities law. The book provides guidance on the ample change in the charitable sector over recent years with the establishment of the Charities Commission in 2005, and accompanying High Court decisions. The title also provides information on significant developments in other jurisdictions.

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

2. Overview of Charities law

3. Statutory framework

4. Charities Commission, its role and functions.

5. Overview of approach taken in other jurisdictions.

6. Charitable entities.

7. Governance issues.

8. Accounting for the not-for-profit sector.

9. Charities and anti-money laundering.

10. The review of the Charities Act


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