Becroft and Hall: Driving Under the Influence

The perfect resource for navigating the sharp corners of transport law.

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Release Date: October 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927183397

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In 2013, the New Zealand Transport Agency began developing a long-term behavioural change programme that aimed to reduce the harm caused by drunk and drugged drivers. Included in this was raising awareness of the severity and prevalence of drugged driving. From July 2018, alcohol interlock licences will be enforced in an attempt to further penalise repeat drunk driving offenders and set them on track for sober driving.

Drawn from the authoritative resource Becroft and Hall’s Transport Law, this book details the relevant parts and sections from the Land Transport Act, Sentencing Principles and Practice and the Bill of Rights Act, ensuring that all practitioners working in this area of law are sufficiently informed.

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Table of contents

Land Transport Act 1998 Part 6

Land Transport Act 1998 Part 7

Sentencing Principles and Practice

Bill of Rights Act 1990 – selected Sections