Understanding Commercial & Company Law (a custom publication) 2019 edition

Custom-made for business students studying commercial and company laws.

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This publication covers the relevant topics studied in university business courses and would be useful to any student who needs a robust general understanding of New Zealand law relating to contracts, consumers, companies, financial markets and corporate governance.

Content for this book is drawn from the bestselling titles Understanding Commercial Law, 9th edition and Understanding Company Law, 4th edition – both new editions which have been updated to take account of recent developments, case law and legislation.

The use of plain language throughout ensures that the work is invaluable to students coming to the topic for the first time or who have English as a second language.


  • - Practical features and reference materials ideal for revision and exam preparation.
  • - Key case summaries and revision questions.
  • - Examples, figures and tables used to illustrate concepts.

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Table of contents

Part 1 – Understanding Commercial Law, 9th edition

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to law

  • Chapter 2: The New Zealand government and constitution

  • Chapter 3: Sources of New Zealand law

  • Chapter 4: The law of contract

  • Chapter 5: The law of agency

Part 2 – Understanding Company Law, 4th edition

  • Chapter 1: Companies – context and problems

  • Chapter 2: Partnerships, limited partnerships and joint ventures

  • Chapter 3: Comparing business organisations

  • Chapter 4: Company formation and internal governance

  • Chapter 5: Corporate liability

  • Chapter 6: Corporate finance

  • Chapter 7: Record keeping, reporting and auditors

  • Chapter 8: Shareholders

  • Chapter 9: Shareholders’ remedies

  • Chapter 10: The board of directors

  • Chapter 11: Directors’ duties

  • Chapter 12: Financial markets law

  • Chapter 13: Takeovers and amalgamations

  • Chapter 14: Corporate default

  • Chapter 15: Liquidation

  • Chapter 16: Corporate governance