Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand (eBook)

Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand provides a specialist, comprehensive, and up-to-date coverage of subordinate legislation in New Zealand.
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This review was published in LawNews - March 21, 2014

New Zealand has a vast amount of delegated legislation, exceeding in volume the legislation made by parliament in the form of acts, with a far-reaching impact The text is an essential guide for central and local government advisers working with legislation, the courts (there are frequent challenges to the validity of delegated legislation) and the judiciary, barristers and solicitors, as well as academics, libraries, and students taking legislation and public/administrative law courses.

Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand
11 October 2013
Reviewed by Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC

A significant segment of New Zealand public law revolves around subordinate legislation. Whether the particular instruments are regulations, "deemed regulations", orders-in-council or by-laws, their legal effect can be vital to the interests of clients and a source of difficulty for their legal advisers. Such instruments are not as secure from challenge as statutes, but the avenues of challenge and the methods for doing it are not familiar to many lawyers.

Subordinate Legislation in New Zealand by Ross Carter, Jason McHerron and Ryan Malone reveals, in an authoritative and accessible manner, the many mysteries that reside in this area of the law. Further, the book has the added advantage of being admirably concise, while at the same time being fully footnoted and referenced. The book has an excellent index.