Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration, 13th edition

Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration, 13th edition is a clear and concise guide to the law relating to wills, administration and trusts in New Zealand.

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Release Date: November 01, 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 9780947514709

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Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration, 13th edition has a proven record of viability. It provides a clear and concise guide to the law of trusts, wills, and administration for students and practitioners alike. It is written in plain English and includes comprehensive index and other features, such as a glossary of key words, tables, and numbered paragraphs for ease of reference.

This new edition incorporates the Trusts Bill 2017.

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Table of contents

PART I: Trusts

Chapter one: Introduction

Chapter two: Express private trusts

Chapter three: Purpose trusts and unincorporated associations

Chapter four: Resulting and constructive trusts

Chapter five: Void and voidable trusts and Sham transactions

Chapter six: Charitable trusts

Chapter seven: Appointment, retirement and removal of trustees

Chapter eight: Duties of trustees

Chapter nine: Investment of trust funds

Chapter ten: Capital and income

Chapter eleven: Powers of trustees

Chapter twelve: Rights of trustees and beneficiaries

Chapter thirteen: Breach of trust and Relief of Trustees

PART II: Wills and Administration

Chapter fourteen: General principles relating to wills

Chapter fifteen: Gifts by will

Chapter sixteen: The construction of wills

Chapter seventeen: Succession on intestacy

Chapter eighteen: Restrictions on testamentary freedom of action

Chapter nineteen: Executors and administrators

Chapter twenty: Duties of executors and administrators

Chapter twenty-one: The powers, rights, and liabilities of executors and administrators