Roth’s Companion to the Privacy Act 2020

What the Privacy Act 2020 means for you

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Release Date: December 14, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546469

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Roth’s Companion to the Privacy Act 2020 provides an all-in-one resource explaining the key concepts, processes, and obligations in the Privacy Act 2020. As the Act comes into force on 1 December 2020, practitioners and others who work with privacy law will need to come to grips with the new legislation. The aim of this text is to assist in understanding and providing informed advice on the changes to privacy law.

The Privacy Act 2020 repeals and alters the Privacy Act 1993 in many key respects. In particular, the legislation introduces significant new obligations and liabilities for agencies, including a tougher enforcement regime. This text is drawn from the authoritative publication Privacy Law and Practice.

Those who work with privacy law and policy on a day-to-day basis should become acquainted with the new Act immediately, making Roth’s Companion to the Privacy Act 2020 an invaluable resource.

This book includes commentary on:

• The Privacy Act's new preliminary provisions, including its purpose and broader coverage, as well as new definitions
• The amended and expanded information privacy principles
• The significant changes to the Privacy Act's complaints processes
• The new mandatory privacy breach notification obligations
• The Privacy Commissioner's new powers to issue access directions and compliance notices
• The new offences under the Act, and higher fines


• Comprehensive coverage of the new Privacy Act 2020
• Drawn from the authoritative loose-leaf, Privacy Law and Practice


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Table of contents

Privacy Act 2020

s2 Commencement

Part 1 Preliminary provisions

s3 Purpose of this Act

s4 Application of this Act

s5 Transitional, savings, and related provisions (incl sch 1)


Part 2 Privacy commissioner

Subpart 1, s13 Privacy commissioner

Subpart 2, s17 Functions of commissioner

Subpart 2, s21 Commissioner to have regard to certain matters

Part 3 Information privacy principles and codes of practice

Subpart 1 Privacy principles ss22-31

Subpart 2 Codes of practice ss32-33 & s38

Part 4 Access to and correction of personal information


Part 5 Complaints, investigations, and proceedings

ss 68-69


ss97-111 (ONLY include 111.1 and 111.2)

Part 6 Notifiable privacy breaches and compliance notices


Part 9 Miscellaneous


s211 Liabilities of employers, principals and agencies

s212 Offences