Rewrite: How to overcome daily sabotage of your brand and profit

Rewrite: How to Overcome Daily Sabotage of Your Brand and Profit is an essential guide to improving your organisation’s performance through clear communication.

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Release Date: May 01, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9780987665928

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Rewrite: How to Overcome Daily Sabotage of Your Brand and Profit is a one-of-a-kind book that highlights the tremendous cost of bad writing in business and government—and offers practical solutions for change. Rewrite offers valuable advice on harnessing the power of effective writing. The book describes the challenges and triumphs faced by organisations pursuing this goal, and shares inspiring stories from the ‘plain English coalface’.


Drawing on years of commercial experience, Write Limited's CEO Lynda Harris and her colleagues have produced a handbook for improving bottom-line results by changing the way writers think.


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Table of contents

First words – about your bottom line


Part 1 – Rethink

Words make the world – and your organisation – go round

All words have a price

Put your words to the test – start counting the price of words at your place

A simple answer to reducing the price of words

Name your style

Link your motive for plain language to your organisation's purpose

Decide to make plain language a long-term business strategy


Part 2 - Reboot

Recognise the challenge

Create the Path

Use the Rewrite for Change™ Model


Part 3 – Reinvent

Aegon: Achieving plain language is all about patience and process

Cancer Society of New Zealand: Writing to empower vulnerable people

Castalia: Plain English as a business advantage

Commerce Commission: Determination fuelled a major turnaround

Creative New Zealand: Freeing up staff to make a difference in the arts

Jacobs Ohlman: Solid evidence for clear legal writing

Office of the Auditor-General: Parliament's watchdog makes sure the message is clear

Pure Botanical: A plain English project across continents

Statistics New Zealand: Giving numbers a voice


Part 4 - Replay

Success leaves a clue

Have a strategic focus

Start well

Use your leaders and hire in experts

Keep people engaged

Rise above resistance

Measure and celebrate

Keep calm and carry on!