Questions and Answers: Criminal Law, 5th edition

A valuable revision and study guide for students of criminal law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546766
Release Date: March 21, 2023
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Release Date: March 20, 2023
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Questions & Answers: Criminal Law provides a brief introduction to core areas of criminal law and then poses a series of questions and answers to provide opportunities for students to practice answering questions. The work also outlines key issues, makes suggestions for further reading and provides examples of common pitfalls that students of criminal law may encounter.

Questions & Answers: Criminal Law has been helping students use legal material to answer tutorial, exam and practical questions with clarity and brevity. It is an invaluable aid for the efficient and successful study of law. The 5th edition will consider the new offence of strangulation and contain an expanded criminal procedure section, as well as updates on the case law and some new problems.


• Provides a concise overview of core material covered in the criminal law courses at New Zealand universities
• Provides questions, identifies key issues that students need to cover in solutions and ‘model’ solutions
• Focus on key relevant cases
• Summary of key issues
• Further reading suggestions
• Common pitfalls identified

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Table of contents

Chapter One: Actus reus

Chapter Two: Mens rea

Chapter Three: Some procedural matters and categorisation of offences

Chapter Four: Homicide

Chapter Five: Non-fatal Offences Against the Person

Chapter Six: Parties to offences

Chapter Seven: Crimes against rights of property

Chapter Eight: Sexual offences

Chapter Nine: Defences – an overview and some common law defences

Chapter Ten: Insanity and automatism

Chapter Eleven: Self-defence and defence of another

Chapter Twelve: Compulsion