Patent Law and Policy (eBook)

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An indispensable resource for anyone dealing with patent law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927183984

Product description

This comprehensive resource includes discussion of the rationales for patent law, patentability criteria, the scope of patent rights, as well as considering Māori and patent issues, international trade issues, and topics such as gene patents.


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Table of contents


Chapter 1:     The Justifications for and History of Patent law

Chapter 2:     Māori, Innovation and Patents

Chapter 3:     International Patent Law

Chapter 4:     Subject Matter and Exclusions

Chapter 5:     Patentability Criteria

Chapter 6:     Selection Patents and Patents of Addition

Chapter 7:     The Application Process and the Nature, Term and Ownership of the Grant

Chapter 8:     Infringement and Remedies

Chapter 9:     Opposition, Re-examination and Revocation

Chapter 10:     Pharmaceutical Patents and Patent-Related Regulation Outside of the Patents Act

Chapter 11:     Computer Software and Business Method Patents

Chapter 12:     Gene-Related Patents

Appendix:     Historic Relationships between New Zealand’s Patent Acts and other Jurisdictions