New Zealand Women’s Law Journal – Te Aho Kawe Kaupapa Ture a ngā Wāhine, Volume 1

Supporting and publishing scholarly research about women.

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New Zealand Women’s Law Journal aims to promote awareness about women’s issues in the law and to support women in the New Zealand legal profession in their careers.

The scope of the Journal is wide: publishing articles related to any domestic or international topic concerning women, gender perspectives and the law. The New Zealand Women’s Law Journal Trust also encourage articles that take an intersectional approach and simultaneously examine issues of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation.

The articles and commentaries included are chosen from the work of lawyers, graduate students and academics.

For further information about the New Zealand Women’s Law Journal Trust, visit


  • The only academic publication solely dedicated to publishing legal scholarship about women's issues in the law and supporting the work of women lawyers in New Zealand.
  • Provides refreshing perspectives to the dialogue around issues in the legal profession.
  • A new collection of essays published annually.

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Featured Authors

Table of contents

-‘Editorial — Kōrero tīmatanga’ – Ana Lenard & Allanah Colley

-‘Foreword — Kupu whakataki’ – Hon Justice Susan Glazebrook

-‘Changing the world?’ – Rt Hon Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias

-‘State of the Nation — Tauākī o te Motu’ – Deputy Chief Judge Caren Fox, Lady Deborah Chambers QC & Kathryn Beck

-‘Kei hea ngāwāhine toa? Challenges for women and Tikanga Māori’ – Tunisia Napia

-‘Reflections from a young woman entering the profession: would a female partner quota address gender inequality within the New Zealand legal profession?’ – Louise Grey

-‘What is the best paid parental leave arrangement to promote gender-balanced caregiving in the home, and gender equality in the workplace in New Zealand?’ – Joy Guo

-‘Absent from the top: a critical analysis of women’s underrepresentation in New Zealand’s legal profession’ – Nicole Ashby

-‘Women in Paris: The inclusion of gender considerations in the negotiation and text of the Paris Agreement’ – Taylor Mitchell

-‘“We’re always going to argue about abortion”: International law’s changing attitudes towards abortion’ – Anjori Mitra

Commentaries — ngā pito kōrero

-"Oku hange ‘a e tangata, ha fala oku lālanga: Pacific people and non-violence programmes under the Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act 2013’ – Helena Kaho

-‘Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand Te Rino: A Two-Stranded Rope’ ¬– Bridgette Toy-Cronin

-‘It’s time for abortion law reform in New Zealand’ – Jackie Edmond & Erica Burke

-‘Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015’ – Savannah Post

-‘Clayton v Clayton: Addressing the elephant in the room’ – Caitlin Hollings

-‘Power plays: the meaning of genuine consent in S (CA338/2016) v R’ – Rosa Polaschek