Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook, 8th edition (eBook)

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Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook is a practical resource for those who draft wills and enduring powers of attorney documents.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546261

Product description

The eighth edition of Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook is a practical tool for modern will-drafters and legal executives, updated to reflect the significant changes to trusts law, as enacted by the Trusts Act 2019. Written in plain English, the sample clauses and sample wills are easy to follow and simple to use.

This edition also comes with a bonus one-month trial access to a set of online precedents.

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Table of contents

• Interviewing the will-maker

• Making the will

• Opening clauses and the formal elements of a will

• Complete forms of wills and codicils

• Enduring Powers of Attorney

• Interviewing the donor

• Special clauses