Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration, 14th edition

The book you can trust to guide you through the intimacies of the law relating to wills, administration, and trusts.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988598017
Release Date: January 24, 2023
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Product description

Easy to use and written in plain English, Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration includes comprehensive commentary alongside practical tools to assist the reader. Strongly established as a go-to text for New Zealand trust law, this 14th edition has been significantly restructured and accommodates the changes made to the law since the Trusts Act 2019 came into force. It will be a valuable resource for all those practising or studying the law relating to trusts, wills and administration.

Topics covered include:
• Types of trusts
• Trustees’ powers and duties
• Administration of trusts
• General principles relating to wills
• Executors and administrators
• Succession on intestacy


• The Nevill’s series is a respected and well-known resource on trusts, wills and administration
• Comprehensive authoritative commentary on the law relating to wills, trusts and administration
• Written in plain English
• Updated thoroughly, including taking in recent changes in the law.

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Table of contents

PART I: Trusts

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Express private trusts

Chapter 3: Purpose trusts and unincorporated associations

Chapter 4: Resulting trusts

Chapter 5: Constructive trusts

Chapter 6: Void and voidable trusts and Sham transactions

Chapter 7: Charitable trusts

Chapter 8: Appointment, retirement and removal of trustees

Chapter 9: Duties of trustees

Chapter 10: Powers of trustees

Chapter 11: Rights of trustees and beneficiaries

Chapter 12: Breach of trust and Relief of Trustees

PART II: Wills and Administration

Chapter 13: General principles relating to wills

Chapter 14: Testamentary capacity

Chapter 15: Gifts by will

Chapter 16: Revocation, alteration, republication and revival of wills

Chapter 17: The construction of wills

Chapter 18: Succession on intestacy

Chapter 19: Restrictions on testamentary freedom

Chapter 20: Executors and administrators

Chapter 21: Duties of executors and administrators

Chapter 22: The powers, rights, and liabilities of executors and administrators