Legal Research in New Zealand

Legal Research in New Zealand focuses on the elements and sources of New Zealand law with emphasis on developing an efficient research methodology, and the skills for comparative assessment of alternative legal resources.  There is also guidance to carrying out legal research involving other (especially related) jurisdictions.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927248034
Release Date: July 01, 2015
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Release Date: July 01, 2015
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Legal Research in New Zealand provides a detailed examination of the process of legal research. Aimed primarily for use by law students the book is presented in three parts:

• Part 1 sets the parameters of the process: defining legal research and presenting its typologies; identifying the main types of legal research methodologies; providing frameworks for undertaking the legal research process; examining the skills required; detailing the requirements for research integrity; and covering the practicalities of selecting a topic and refining a research question.
• Part 2 addresses the fundamentals of dealing with legal information: the specialist nature of legal language; types and formats of legal information; how law libraries present legal information; and practicalities for searching in the online environment.
• Part 3 provides guidance for specialist areas of legal research: Kaupapa Maori legal research; Maori and indigenous legal issues; law in other jurisdictions; public international law; historical legal research; and an introduction to the use of legal theory for legal research.

Legal Research in New Zealand explores various legal sources, how to find them and how to go about best using them in a practical and user-friendly style. It is a valuable resource for all students of New Zealand law.

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Table of contents

Part 1: Understanding Legal Research

1. Legal research

2. The legal research process

3. Legal theory and legal research

4. Thinking skills

5. Research integrity

6. Starting the research question

Part 2: Understanding Legal Information

7. The legal information framework

8. Primary sources: legislation

9. Primary sources: case law

10. Secondary sources

11. Understanding databases and the online environment

Part 3: Specialist Research

12. Researching public international Law

13. Researching kaupapa Māori

14. Researching indigenous custom law

15. Researching legal history

16. Using legal resources from other jurisdictions