Immigration and Refugee Law, 3rd edition

The essential resource for legal practitioners, immigration advisors, tribunals and students of NZ immigration and refugee law

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In a world of increasing globalisation and travel, migration and relocation, immigration law affects a growing number of people. Work in this area is challenging for legal practitioners, immigration advisors and members of decision-making tribunals - especially in light of recent and ongoing changes to New Zealand legislation. Immigration and Refugee Law provides assistance and guidance to those working in this area of law, comments on some of the issues faced this field and proposes some solutions.


  • New chapter on immigration advice and advisors
  • Commentary on recent important cases
  • Expanded discussion of character issues

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Table of contents

  1. Immigration law in New Zealand: a brief history

  2. The impact of international law on immigration and refugee law in New Zealand

  3. Right to enter and be in New Zealand: citizenship

  4. Requirement to be legally in New Zealand: the requirement to hold a visa

  5. Immigration advice

  6. Turnaround at the airport

  7. Refugee status

  8. Protected person status

  9. Refugee and protected persons: determinations and appeals

  10. The appeal process: the Immigration and Protection Tribunal

  11. Deportation: the requirement to leave New Zealand

  12. Enforcement provisions and penalties

  13. Conclusion