Heath and Whale Insolvency Law in New Zealand, 4th edition

The first port of call for those working in, or with an interest in, insolvency.

Edited by Paul Heath and Mike Whale

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Release Date: September 10, 2021
ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546605

Product description

Heath and Whale Insolvency Law in New Zealand, 4th edition, provides legal and practical guidance on insolvency and restructuring issues commonly encountered in New Zealand. The text offers an academic analysis of many complex issues that can arise in an insolvency, yet is written in a way that will assist a busy insolvency practitioner to become acquainted with relevant principles and their application in a timely way.

Drawn from the authoritative online resource of the same name, this 2021 edition is an extensive two-volume set containing information on the law relating to personal insolvency, receiverships, corporate rescue, liquidation, antecedent transactions, preferential debt and set-off, and trading trusts.


• Edited by industry experts Justice Paul Heath and Mike Whale.
• Most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of insolvency law in New Zealand available.

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Heath and Whale on Insolvency (online resource)


Table of contents

Volume One:


1. Introduction


14. Company receiverships

15. Hiving down

Corporate Rescue

16. Compromises, amalgamations, and schemes of arrangement

17. Voluntary administration


20. The liquidation process

21. The consequences of liquidation

22. The liquidator’s duties, rights, and powers

23. Liability of related companies, shareholders, and directors

24. Avoidance of antecedent transactions

Insolvency and PPSA

25. Insolvency and PPSA

Preferential Debt and Set-off

28. Priority claims and set-off

29. Preferential debt

30. Set-off

Directors’ Duties

32. Directors’ duties

Volume Two:

Personal Insolvency

2. Introduction

3. Process for procuring bankruptcy

4. Property divisible amongst creditors

5. Duties of bankrupt

6. Powers and duties of official assignee

7. Distribution of bankrupt’s property

8. Offences by bankrupt

9. Discharge from and annulment of bankruptcy

10. Alternatives to bankruptcy

11. Preferential debts – personal insolvency

Insolvency Practitioners

38. Insolvency practitioners

Trading Trusts

46. Trading trusts

Cross-border Insolvency

52. Cross-border insolvency legislation

53. UNCITRAL model law