He Papakupu Reo Ture: A Dictionary of Maori Legal Terms

The first and only dictionary of Maori legal terms in New Zealand.

Edited by Mamari Stephens and Mary Boyce

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Release Date: April 01, 2013
ISBN/ISSN: 9781927183748

Product description

He Papakupu Reo Ture: A Dictionary of Maori Legal Terms, edited by Mamari Stephens and Mary Boyce, is the first and only dictionary of Maori legal terms in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s legal history is bilingual. From the earliest missionary-led translations of the New Testament in the early nineteenth century, the Māori language has been used to communicate Western legal ideas. Nearly two centuries later there now exists a significant legal vocabulary in Māori that has much to teach scholars of law and language in New Zealand about the intersection between Māori and Pākehā legal thinking and expression.

This dictionary captures something of that unique intersection, drawing its entries and usage examples from the Legal Māori Corpus, a digitised collection of thousands of pages of legal and law-related texts in the Māori language dating from between 1828 and 2009.

Read this review by Maori Law Review published in March 2014.


Table of contents

He kupu whakataki - Preface

The genesis of He Papakupu Reo Ture

What kind of dictionary is this?

Who is this dictionary for?

How do I find my way around this dictionary?

He mihi - Acknowledgments

He arataki ki ngā upoko - A Guide to Dictionary Entries

He wetewete upoko - Headword Elements


Ngā tikanga tuku iho - Customary Māori Law and He Papakupu Reo Ture

He hōpara kupu anō - Some Further Exploration of Terms

Ngā pūtake kōrero - Sources Used for this Dictionary

Source abbreviations used in this dictionary

Sources from 1828-1909

Sources from 1910-1969

Sources from 1970-2009

Secondary research sources

He Papakupu Reo Ture - A Dictionary of Māori Legal Terms (main dictionary text)

Ngā āpitihanga- Appendices

He hinonga me ngā tūranga - Organisations and Roles

He rārangi kimi kupu reo Pākehā - English to Māori Headword Finder List