Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Lawyer, 3rd edition (eBook)

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The essential resource for legal students and practitioners who need to understand the ethical and professional requirements associated with being a practising lawyer in New Zealand.

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Product description

Since the last edition of Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Lawyer was published the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 has been enacted and Rules of Conduct and Client Care replaced the Rules of Professional Conduct for Barristers and Solicitors in 2008. Consequently there have been huge changes to the field of legal ethics.

This new edition incorporates these changes and the relevant jurisprudence and includes expanded analysis of associated key topics including: lawyer-client relationships and conflicts; client confidences; privacy; and duties of care.

Legal ethics is a compulsory course for all New Zealand law students and an integral part of the lawyers’ professional life making Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Lawyer a must-have text for all current and aspiring lawyers.


  • Reflects and discusses the changes to the legal profession (and its ethical and professional responsibility requirements) with the implementation of Lawyers and
  • Conveyancers Act (2006) and the new rules of Conduct and Client Care
  • Expanded discussion of duties of client care; privacy; litigation duties and confidence
  • Clarification of distinctions between confidentiality and privacy
  • Extensive revision of sections on lawyer-client relationships especially the cab-rank rule and termination and lawyer-client conflicts

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1. The Profession and society

  • Chapter 2. The role of lawyers

  • Chapter 3. The law society and its roles

  • Chapter 4. ProfessionalsStandards

  • Chapter 5. Lawyer–client relationship

  • Chapter 6. Lawyer–client conflicts

  • Chapter 7. Conflicts of duty

  • Chapter 8. Confidence

  • Chapter 9. Protecting former clients’ confidences

  • Chapter 10. Duties to disclose and keep informed

  • Chapter 11. Competence

  • Chapter 12. Fees

  • Chapter 13. Administration of justice

  • Chapter 14. Duties in the conduct of litigation

  • Chapter 15. Duties in the conduct of a legal practice