Environmental and Resource Management Law, 6th edition

This important text provides complete coverage of New Zealand's legislation and case law in the environmental and resource management law field

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Environmental and Resource Management Law is a major component of modern legal practice. Legislative changes, especially the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017, along with recent litigation and trends have necessitated this comprehensive sixth edition. The authors introduce environmental law, its sources and institutions; before turning to focus on the Resource Management Act 1991 and other key pieces of environmental legislation. A wide range of topics are addressed, including: land use and subdivision, the resource consent process and appeals; the coastal environment including the EEZ Act; forests; mining and petroleum; water; marine pollution; air; hazardous substances; new organisms; noise; Maori and environmental law; heritage; landscape and visual; and climate change.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to environmental law

2. The sources and institutions of environmental law

3. Resource Management Act 1991

4. Land use, subdivision, designations, resource consent procedures and appeals

5. The coastal environment

6. Forests, trees and native plants

7. Minerals and petroleum

8. Water

9. Marine pollution

10. Air

11. Hazardous substances

12. New organisms

13. Noise

14. Māori and environmental law

15. Heritage

16. Landscape and visual

17. Climate change

18. Environmental assessment

19. Environmental litigation and dispute resolution

20. Statutory remedies: the enforcement provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991