Employment Law in New Zealand, 2nd edition (eBook)

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Employment Law in New Zealand presents New Zealand employment law concisely and in a format accessible to both students and legal practitioners

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780947514167

Product description

Employment Law in New Zealand presents New Zealand employment law concisely and in a format accessible to both students and legal practitioners.  New to this edition is an expanded discussion of the employment contract; changes arising from the Health and Safety Reform Act 2015; new legislation regards strike law and minimum wages as well as collective bargaining and pay equity. In addition to the comprehensive commentary, the chapters include further reading and additional resource suggestions.

This approachable book is an invaluable resource for all practitioners and students law - answering employment-related questions and providing a starting point for undertaking more specific research. ​

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Table of contents

Part 1: General introduction

1. Scope and structure of the book

2. Character and functions of employment law

3. Parties, concepts and institutions

Part 2: Individual employment law

4. The individual employment relationship

5. The employee and the employment agreement

6. Formation and form of an employment agreement

7. Contractual aspects of employment

8. Termination of employment

9. Personal grievances

10. Specific employment issues

Part 3: Collective employment law

11. Collective employment relationships

12. Freedom of association and trade unions

13. Collective bargaining and collective agreements

14. Occupational health and safety

Extent: Approx. 750