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Questions and Answers: Criminal Law, 4th edition

Questions and Answers Criminal Law, 4th edition presents the key principles and issues in criminal law to assist students to answer examination questions on this subject. Key areas of law are presented, not as a substitute to reading the cases and other prescribed texts, but to allow students to appraise relevant law before answering questions. 

Crimes Act 1961, 23rd edition

The best-selling legislation book, Crimes Act 1961, is now up to its 23rd edition – consolidated and reviewed annually for your convenience. Current as at 10 July 2018, Crimes Act 1961 remains an accessible and portable reference point for students and practitioners of criminal law. Including the necessary statutory material with editorial and history notes, this is the perfect tool for practise or study.

The book contains the following legislation:

• Crimes Act 1961
• New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990