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Questions and Answers: Torts, 3rd edition

Q&A Torts provides a brief introduction to core areas of tort law and then poses a series of questions and answers to provide opportunities for students to practice answering questions. The work also outlines key issues, makes suggestions for further reading and provides examples of common pitfalls that students of tort law may encounter. 

Questions and Answers: Public Law, 3rd edition

Questions and Answers Public Law, 3rd edition guides students through a variety of problems, essay and questions to assist them in consolidating their understanding of public law and in preparation for exams.

Questions and Answers: Criminal Law, 4th edition

Questions and Answers Criminal Law, 4th edition presents the key principles and issues in criminal law to assist students to answer examination questions on this subject. Key areas of law are presented, not as a substitute to reading the cases and other prescribed texts, but to allow students to appraise relevant law before answering questions.

Butterworths Questions and Answers: Contract Law, 3rd edition

Butterworths Questions and Answers: Contract Law, 3rd edition, provides students with a thorough study resource to help consolidate their understanding of contract law.


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