Consumer Law in New Zealand, 3rd edition

Detailed and wide-ranging treatment of consumer law, arranged in a fresh topic-by-topic approach.

Edited by Kate Tokeley and Victoria Stace

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546780
Release Date: December 13, 2022
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Release Date: December 29, 2022
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This new edition extensively updates case law throughout the text, incorporates legislative developments, and covers emerging issues for consumers. It covers the new prohibition on unconscionable conduct, new laws that tighten up the predatory lending laws, new regulation of financial advice, updates on the unfair contract terms laws, reform work in the area of class actions, emerging issues due to covid-19, and the impact of technology on consumers.

Topics include the regulation of defective goods and services, consumer information, unfair terms, industry specific regulation, consumer credit, consumer investment, the regulation of particular selling methods, technology, and consumer access to justice.

The policies and philosophies underlying consumer laws are examined with regard to the broader debates about rationales for regulation. The eight authors are experts in the field.

Consumer Law in New Zealand will assist policymakers, academics and law students who are interested in an analysis of current consumer law issues. It is also an excellent resource for legal practitioners, Disputes Tribunal Referees, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Community Law Centres, and consumers themselves.

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Table of contents

Part I Introduction and general themes

Chapter 1 – Introduction and general themes Kate Tokeley

Chapter 2 – Rationales for consumer law Kate Tokeley

Part II Defective goods and services

Chapter 3 – Pre-sale product safety rules Kate Tokeley

Chapter 4 – Consumer Guarantees Act 1993: Overview and coverage Kate Tokeley

Chapter 5 – Consumer Guarantees Act 1993: The guarantees Kate Tokeley

Chapter 6 – Consumer Guarantees Act 1993: Remedies Kate Tokeley

Part III Consumer information

Chapter 7 – Introduction to regulation of consumer information Debra Wilson

Chapter 8 – General rules of misleading and deceptive conduct and misrepresentations Debra Wilson

Chapter 9 – Additional rules specific to advertising and labelling Debra Wilson

Part IV Unfairness and unconscionability

Chapter 10 – Unfair contract terms Alexandra Sims

Chapter 11 – Unconscionable conduct Victoria Stace

Chapter 12 – Unfairness in particular selling methods Debra Wilson

Part V Financial consumer protection

Chapter 13 – Introduction to financial consumer protection law Victoria Stace

Chapter 14 – Financial consumer protection law in relation to retail investors, financial adviser services, and conduct of financial market participants Victoria Stace

Chapter 15 – Consumer credit: Initiating agreements Barry Allan

Chapter 16 – Consumer credit: Performance and default lender responsibilities Barry Allan

Part VI Consumers and technology

Chapter 17 – Contract formation when using technology Simon Connell & Colin Gavaghan

Chapter 18 – Data collection, privacy, and consumer manipulation Colin Gavaghan & Simon Connell

Part VII Dispute resolution and access to justice

Chapter 19 – Access to justice for consumers Bridgette Toy-Cronin

Chapter 20 – Industry-specific dispute resolution schemes Alexandra Sims