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This new edition of Consumer Law in New Zealand provides a detailed and wide-ranging treatment of consumer law in New Zealand. The eight authors are experts in the field.

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This second edition incorporates all the recent developments in consumer law. The most important of these include the introduction of a prohibition on unfair terms in standard form consumer contracts; the introduction of responsible lending obligations in consumer credit contracts; a new prohibition on unsubstantiated representations; new rules in respect of extended warranties; an extension of the door-to-door sales consumer protection to cover telemarketing; an extension of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 to cover sales by traditional and online auctions; a new statutory guarantee as to delivery of goods; a new tailor-made statutory guarantee as to the quality of the supply of electricity and gas; an extension of the Disputes Tribunal jurisdiction to cover complaints about misleading conduct; and major legislative reforms aimed at improving consumer protection in financial markets.

The book will assist policy-makers, academics and law students who are interested in an analysis of current consumer law issues. It is also an excellent resource for legal practitioners, Disputes Tribunal Referees, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Community Law Centres and consumers themselves.


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Table of contents

Introduction, History and Theory

Defective Products

Consumer Information

Unfair Terms

Industry Specific Regulation

Consumer Credit

Financial Products

Regulation of Particular Selling Methods


Access to Justice for Consumers