Challenge and Change: Judging in Aotearoa New Zealand

Challenge and Change: Judging in Aotearoa New Zealand is a study of the role and work of judges in New Zealand from the earliest days down to present.

Edited by John Burrows QC and Jeremy Finn

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781988546544
Release Date: May 09, 2022
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Release Date: May 09, 2022
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Product description

Authored by leading judges, legal academics, and practitioners, deriving from a seminar devised by Chief Justice Winkelmann and Justice Kós for the Institute of Judicial Legal Studies.

Its focus is on how judges have dealt with social, demographic, and economic change, and the difficulties they have faced with the Legislature and the Executive. The book is split in to four parts – each exploring in depth an important topic, but written to be accessible and of interest and value, to a wide range of readers.

Contributors to the book
Gordon Anderson • Natalie Baird • Richard Boast • John Burrows • Natalie Coates • Justice Helen Cull • Shaunnagh Dorset • Justice Rebecca Ellis • Jeremy Finn • Andrew Geddis • Kris Gledhill • Justice Stephen Kós • Nicola Peart • Katherine Sanders • Tania Sharkey • Justice Joseph Williams • Chief Justice Dame Helen Winkelmann

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Table of contents

Part I – One law or two laws?

Chapter 1 Two cultures two laws Shaunnagh Dorset

Chapter 2 Judges and judging in the Native Land Court Richard Boast

Chapter 3 Te Ao Māori overthrown Justice Joe Williams

Chapter 4 The rise of Treaty jurisprudence Natalie Coates

Part II – Judicial independence and the separation of powers

Chapter 5 Judicial independence – a historical perspective Jeremy Finn

Chapter 6 The judiciary and the challenges to the rule of law Justice Kos

Chapter 7 The judiciary and parliament Andrew Geddis

Part III – Juding in exceptional times

Chapter 8 Exceptional times: Wartime and social unrest John Burrows

Chapter 9 Exceptional times: The Christchurch earthquakes Chief Justice Winkelmann and Jeremy Finn

Chapter 10 Exceptional times: Covid-19 pandemic Chief Justice Winkelmann and Jeremy Finn

Chapter 11 Away from the familiar: Judges engaging in public debate and acting as commissioners Katherine Sanders

Part IV – Judges and economic, social, and cultural change

Chapter 12 Social change and the family Justice Helen Cull and Nicola Peart

Chapter 13 Immigration and cultural diversity Tania Sharkey and Natalie Baird

Chapter 14 Judges and employment issues Gordon Anderson

Chapter 15 Judges and sentencing Kris Gledhill

Chapter 16 Change and challenge: Diversity in the senior courts Justice Rebecca Ellis

Part V – Judging in a new world

Conclusion Chief Justice Winkelmann, Justice Kos and Natalie Coates