Campbell on Caveats, 3rd edition

Don’t be caught out by property caveats!

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Including commentary on significant case-law and updated to take into account the recent Land Transfer Act 2017, the topics covered within the text include a consideration of the various classes of caveats that are available, the nature of a caveat against dealings, rights and transactions that will (or will not) support a caveat, methods of clearing caveats off the title, and Registrar’s caveats, among many others.

This comprehensive work will be of use to anyone who wants a better understanding of the law relating to caveats, but at the same time will provide an excellent primary reference tool for practitioners and other professionals who need a more detailed in-depth treatment of the subject matter.

The content of this book is drawn from chapter 10 of the popular online publication Hinde, McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand.


  • Fully updated commentary relating to the recently enacted Land Transfer Act 2017.
  • Written by leading commentator in the area of property law.
  • Cross-references have been retained from the online version, so customers can easily refer across Hinde McMorland and Sim Land Law in New Zealand digital and hardcopy publications.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Caveats against dealings: general principles

Chapter 3 – Caveatable interests

Chapter 4 – Drafting and lodging caveats against dealings

Chapter 5 – Clearing caveats against dealings off the title

Chapter 6 - Controls on lodging caveats against dealings

Chapter 7 - Other classes of caveats