Balancing Work and Life: A Practical Guide for Lawyers

This practical book provides strategies for balancing home life with a satisfying legal career.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927248027
Release Date: November 01, 2015
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Product description

Balancing Work and Life: A Practical Guide for Lawyers provides pragmatic tips and techniques for succeeding in the legal profession without compromising your home life. Divided into six easy-to-follow sections, this practical guide delivers constructive, effective strategies for both male and female practitioners. Packed with helpful anecdotes, effective strategies, real-life case studies from a wide spectrum of lawyers, and good old-fashioned practical advice, this book is a must-have for practitioners at any stage in their career.


  • Anecodotes
  • Effective strategies
  • Practical advice
  • Case studies

Table of contents

Part one: Balancing work and life

Chapter 1 You can have it all

Chapter 2 Support on the home front

Chapter 3 Building your professional support network

Chapter 4 Pursuing your passion (and why it shouldn't be your work)

Chapter 5 Reframing work/life balance

Part two: Effective practice

Chapter 6 Prioritising your daily workload

Chapter 7 Overcoming procrastination

Chapter 8 Marketing on a time budget

Chapter 9 Finding your niche

Chapter 10 Time management tactics

Part three: Progressing you career

Chapter 11 Setting goals

Chapter 12 Connecting through networking

Chapter 13 Embracing mentoring

Chapter 14 Tackling imposter syndrome

Chapter 15 Getting clear on your career

Part four: Parenthood and the law

Chapter 16 Transitioning back to work

Chapter 17 Sourcing childcare

Chapter 18 Part-time work - is it the answer?

Chapter 19 Changing tack

Chapter 20 Fostering a 'family-friend' culture

Part five: Women in the law

Chapter 21 How far have women come?

Chapter 22 Deconstructing the gender imbalance

Chapter 23 Female leaders

Chapter 24 Is law a female-friendly career?

Chapter 25 Overcoming challenges as a female lawyer

Part six: Self-care strategies

Chapter 26 Practising self-care

Chapter 27 Building resilience

Chapter 28 Managing stress

Chapter 29 Financial Literacy

Chapter 30 Nurturing your important relationships