A Practitioner’s Guide to the Property Law Act 2007, 2nd edition (eBook)

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A practitioner focused, user-friendly guide to working with the Property Law Act 2007, providing annotated commentary to the provisions of the Property Law Act 2007.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781927248287

Product description

A Practitioner's Guide to the Property Law Act 2007, second edition, covers a diverse range of subjects in relation to both real property and personal property. This title provides commentary on provisions relating to deeds, the sale and purchase of real property, covenants relating to land, leases, and mortgages, as well as assignments of choses in action, powers of attorney, and partition of land and division of chattels. In addition, the Act replaces the Contracts Enforcement Act 1956 in relation to the requirements for writing in contracts dealing with land and guarantees. The Act also empowers a court to grant relief where there is a need to enter neighbouring land, and in relation to matters involving wrongly placed structures, landlocked land, trees and unauthorised improvements on land, and dispositions that prejudice creditors.

A Practitioner's Guide to the Property Law Act 2007, second edition is a practical and easy-to-use reference resource providing thorough section-by-section commentary to the Property Law Act 2007. This book is designed to provide busy practitioners with quick access to the many areas of law covered by the Act, and the equivalent provisions of the Property Law Act 1952 are also identified and discussed. Additional features include a user-friendly table of words defined in the Act, a concise exposition of legal rules commonly referred to in the context of the Act, and tables comparing the provisions of the Property Law Act 2007 and the Property Law Act 1952.


• Includes material stemming from recent and ongoing legal changes relating to the legislation
• An expert New Zealand based barrister creating a work relating to New Zealand law


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Table of contents

1. Contents, Title and Commencement

2. Preliminary provisions

3. Deeds, powers of appointment, disclaimers and powers of attorney

4. Writing required in certain cases

5. Sales and other similar transactions

6. Apportionment of periodical payments between vendors and purchasers

7. Assignment of things in action

8. Other transactions

9. Abolition and modification of common law Rules relating to property

10. Mortgages

11. Leases of land

12. Covenants, easements, and profits

13. Special powers of court

14. Miscellaneous provisions