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Understanding Commercial Law, 9th edition (eBook)

Understanding Commercial Law, 9th edition (eBook)

Leigh Miller & Matthew Barber, 2019

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The leading New Zealand text for students studying commercial law


Format: ePub


This textbook provides students with a robust general understanding of the law, including how New Zealand laws are made and amended, and the legal significance and effects of the Treaty of Waitangi. The fundamentals of the law relating to contracts, consumers, torts, property and privacy are also discussed. Examples are used throughout to illustrate and clarify the discussion.

This edition features expanded coverage of changes to the law in relation to contract and land, a revised layout that provides a natural progression through the topics and an updated case appendix containing the basic facts, issues and reasons behind the decisions in key and current cases.

The LexisNexis Understanding series is renowned for its straightforward layout and logical flow between topics, enabling students to navigate the text with ease. It also includes practical tools and reference materials ideal for revision and exam preparation, such as: clear language; business and real-life examples; diagrams and flow charts; key learnings at the beginning of each chapter; part and chapter summaries; and a comprehensive glossary of key terms.


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Leigh Miller BA/ LLB, LLM(Hons) MPhil(Auckland), now retired, was a professional teaching fellow in the commercial law department of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Auckland. Prior to teaching law, Leigh practised law with several well-known Auckland law firms, including Rudd Watts & Stone (now MinterEllison) and Stewart Germann Law Office. Leigh had been teaching at the University of Auckland since 1990; the majority of the time on the COMLAW101 course introducing law to business students.

Matthew Barber BCom, LLB(Hons), LLM(Hons), PhD(Canterbury) is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Canterbury. He currently teaches contract law and commercial (particularly sales and consumer) law subjects in the law school, as well as teaching business law to postgraduate business students. He has published widely in the areas of contract and commercial law, is the co-author of the leading New Zealand contract law text and a contributing author to the Commercial Law in New Zealand online service. He is admitted as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to law
Chapter 2: The New Zealand government and constitution
Chapter 3: Sources of New Zealand law
Chapter 4: The law of contract
Chapter 5: The law of agency
Chapter 6: The law of business organisations
Chapter 7: Consumer law and competition law
Chapter 8: The sale of goods
Chapter 9: The law of property
Chapter 10: The law of torts
Chapter 11: The law of privacy
Chapter 12: Outline of the law of employment

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