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The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years (PBO)

The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years (PBO)

Stockley, A; Littlewood, M (Eds), 2015

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This book marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the New Zealand Supreme Court.

Format: Practitioner Book Online

This title is also available in hardcopy and eBook formats.
ISBN: 9781927313107
eISBN: 9781927313121


The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years considers how the Supreme Court has been performing; the extent to which it has met its original objectives; and what trends and characteristics can be discerned from its first decade in existence. The first part of the book outlines the establishment, role and functioning of the court. The second part addresses the emerging jurisprudence of the court in the most important areas of New Zealand law. The authors include many of New Zealand’s most distinguished legal scholars and other contributors with detailed knowledge of the workings of the Supreme Court



     •     Papers by a range of leading New Zealand legal thinkers
     •     In-depth analysis




Andrew Stockley has been Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland since February 2011. He was previously a member of the Law Faculty at the University of Oxford, where he was the Senior Tutor and a Fellow of Brasenose College. He has also been Head of the Law School at the University of Canterbury.


Michael Littlewood is a Professor of Law at the University of Auckland. He is an internationally-recognised expert on tax law and policy. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash University and a Fellow of the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand.




     •     Margaret Wilson (Establishment of the Court)
     •     Andrew Stockley (Role of the Court)
     •     Max Harris (A Clerk’s View)
     •     David Goddard (An Advocate’s View)
     •     Sir Peter Blanchard (A Judge’s View)
     •     Philip Joseph (Constitutional & Administrative Law)
     •     Claire Charters (Maori Issues)
     •     Paul Rishworth (Human Rights)
     •     Peter Watts (Commercial Law)
     •     Francis Dawson (Contract)
     •     Paul Scott (Regulation)
     •     Michael Littlewood (Tax)
     •     Katherine Sanders (Land Law)
     •     Stephen Todd (Tort)
     •     Tony Smith (Criminal Law)
     •     Scott Optican (Evidence)
     •     Mark Henaghan (Family Law)
     •     Sir Grant Hammond (the Court and the Executive)

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