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The Anti-Money Laundering Regime: A Practical Guide

The Anti-Money Laundering Regime: A Practical Guide

Marty Robinson and Victoria Scott, 2018

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An all-in-one resource that summarises the AML/CFT Act’s key concepts.


Format: Paperback


The Anti-Money Laundering Regime: A Practical Guide provides an objective, all-in-one resource explaining the key concepts of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. The recent amendments to the Act dramatically increase the scope of the compliance regime, and add to the existing obligations, creating the need for a concise, quick reference guide for all businesses caught as “reporting entities” and their advisors.

The book details the risk-based approach taken by legislators and the supervisors, and explores the application of the Act, as well as the policies, procedures and controls needed to meet the money laundering and terrorist financing risks facing businesses. It explains the key obligation to undertake the appropriate level of customer due diligence in various contexts, and the complex reporting obligations contained in the Act.

The Anti-Money Laundering Regime: A Practical Guide is a must-have resource for legal practitioners meeting obligations for their own firms, legal practitioners advising clients on their compliance obligations, existing reporting entities and newly caught professionals, including accountants, real estate agents, conveyancers and trust and company service providers, as they seek to upskill in this rapidly expanding and evolving area.


• A concise and practical guide to the Act.
• For practitioners advising reporting entities of their compliance obligations or meeting the obligations themselves.
• Includes international context and perspectives.


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Marty Robinson (LLB/BA) is currently a barrister and solicitor working in crime and financial crime areas including AML/CFT advisory work. He has a litigation and regulatory law background – investigating & prosecuting money laundering and fraud. He was also an in-house Senior/Principal Solicitor overseeing the Department of Internal Affair’s litigation. Marty’s proceeds from this book will be donated to Child Rescue New Zealand and Child ALERT (ECPAT NZ).

Victoria Scott (LLB/BA) has a public law, litigation and regulatory background in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She is a prosecutor and the in-house lead- lawyer on all matters AML/CFT-related at the Department of Internal Affairs, with a particular focus on Phase 2 implementation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Application of Act
Chapter 2 Risk assessments
Chapter 3 AML/CFT compliance programme
Chapter 4 Customer due diligence
Chapter 5 Suspicious activity reporting
Chapter 6 Prescribed transaction reporting and cross-border transportation of cash reporting
Chapter 7 Role of supervisors, Ministry of Justice and the Commissioner
Chapter 8 Civil liability acts and enforcement tools
Chapter 9 Offences and penalties
Appendix A Sector risk assessment ratings
Appendix B Quick reference guide

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