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Student Companion: Evidence, 3rd edition

Student Companion: Evidence, 3rd edition

Brenda Midson and Terry Singh , 2017

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Book 9780947514181 $50.00
eBook 9780947514198 $50.00

The 3rd edition of Student Companion: Evidence contains concise summaries of the leading decisions that are covered in the study of evidence law.


Format: Paperback


This is an invaluable, easy-to-read reference tool for students, designed to be used in conjunction with lecture notes and existing text materials.

For this edition, Brenda Midson and, new author, Terry Singh, have incorporated the recent amendments to the Evidence Act brought about by the Evidence Amendment Act 2016, removed cases that are no longer essential and added a more practical perspective, ensuring that Student Companion: Evidence continues to be relevant and useful to students.



• Includes up-to-date legislation and cases, incorporating the Evidence Amendment Act 2016.
• Now with new author, Terry Singh, providing a more practical perspective adding to Brenda Midson’s expertise as a law lecturer.
• Provides comprehensive and accessible coverage of the case law that a law student is required to know to study (and pass) evidence law.
• Small, inexpensive and easy to read and understand, so is a good discretionary purchase to complement the weightier prescribed text books.
• Available as both hardcopy text and as eBook, to cater to different ways of revising.
• Written to be equally relevant to all New Zealand evidence students.


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Brenda Midson (BA in English, LLB and MJur (Dist)) is a senior lecturer in Law at the University of Waikato. She is also the general editor of the New Zealand Law Journal. Brenda’s expertise is in evidence, criminal law, and criminology, and her research interests predominantly include evidentiary and criminal law reform, particularly in relation to culpable homicide, sexual assault, youth crime, and children’s rights and welfare.

Terry Singh (LLB, LLM (UQ)) is a lawyer with 20 years' experience in criminal law. He currently works as a duty law supervisor at the Public Defence Service and has previously worked for Police, Crown Law, Inland Revenue and the NZLS. Terry also co-lectures at the University of Waikato in Evidence and Crimes as well as being heavily involved in training and the provision of advice to counsel on various evidential and criminal procedure issues that arise in trials.

Table of Contents

1. General principles
2. Questioning of witnesses
3. Evidence of veracity
4. Evidence of propensity
5. Hearsay evidence
6. Defendants statements and improperly obtained evidence
7. Silence of parties
8. Opinion evidence and expert evidence
9. Privilege and confidentiality
10. Eligibility and compellability of witnesses
11. Corroboration, judicial direction and judicial warnings

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