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Resilience, Risks and Rapid Recovery [WEBINAR]

Resilience, Risks and Rapid Recovery [WEBINAR]

LexisNexis, 2018

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Legal Leadership Series: Resilience, Risks and Rapid Recovery

Day: Wednesday
Date: 12th December 2018
Time: 2.30pm
Duration: 1 hour
(Note: To ensure a smooth registration process, attendees are advised that registrations cannot be made within 90 minutes of the event.)


Dr Sven Hansen, Founder, The Resilience Institute
Bradley Hook, General Manager, The Resilience Institute

About the webinar

There is considerable international research to suggest that those working in the law have a greater incidence of depression, anxiety and stress compared to other industries. This may be personal (eg: perfectionism, pressure at home or poor coping mechanisms) or due to aggravating environmental factors (eg: inflexible work hours, client pressures, long hours). The legal industry is increasingly recognizing and working to address these issues - however, individuals must still function within the existing framework while change occurs.

Developing resilience at an individual level offers a way of ensuring that you remain focused, calm, engaged, creative and energized - and can be productive and healthy - even in trying times.

This webinar provides attendees with skills to ‘bounce, grow, connect and flow’ by focusing on the following:

• The concept and practices of resilience – bounce, grow, connect and flow
• Bounce: how resilience fails and how to bounce in adversity
• Tactical Calm: how to manage pressure in the moment, quick recovery and relaxation
• Sleep: how to improve the quality of sleep and manage fatigue
• Fitness: how to build integral fitness into a professional lifestyle
• Daily practice: the discipline of fitting sustainable selfcare into life

Participants will come away with:

1. A clear understanding of what resilience is and how it can be applied in life and work
2. An ability to recognise when personal resilience is at risk
3. Practical skills to effect rapid bounce in adverse times
4. Knowing how to relax and be effective in difficult situations
5. How to secure quality sleep - sleep need, aligning rhythms and deep sleep
6. The basic elements of a fitness practice
7. A template to build a daily practice routine in one’s life

Learning Outcomes

Have attended this webinar participants will be able to:

• Recognise the value of resilience and when it is at risk
• Apply rapid bounce skills to ensure rapid recovery
• Use calm and focus to master difficult situations
• Integrate resilience into their daily routine

Who should attend?

This webinar will be suited to all professionals who are interested in integrating resilience into their working life.

About the Presenter(s)

Dr Sven Hansen is the Founder of the Resilience Institute and a medical practitioner who has pioneered preventative medicine, stress mastery, emotional intelligence and cognitive training. As a recognised leadership trainer and conference presenter in New Zealand, Australia and Asia, his key message is the imperative to integrate physical, emotional, cognitive and moral resilience.

Sven qualified as a doctor in 1986 and went on to complete an MBA in 1993.

Brad Hook is the General Manager of the Resilience Institute and is a resilience consultant with a background in digital technology, journalism, media and e-learning solutions. He has worked internationally in a range of technical and creative roles before moving to New Zealand.

Brad has created a number of learning tools, including the award-winning He contributes to the Live for More Surf Therapy programme in the Bay of Plenty, where he is based.

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