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Relationship Property in New Zealand, 3rd edition

Relationship Property in New Zealand, 3rd edition

Bill Atkin, 2018

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A unique tool for Judges, lawyers, policy-makers and students alike.


Format: Paperback


Relationship property is a core feature of the law of domestic relationships. Major case law at the highest levels continues to develop the rules. It is now the subject of a mammoth Law Commission project. Some key areas such as economic disparity, the effect of trusts, and the rights of children are at stake. What should be the driving values and principles of any future law? Relationship Property in New Zealand examines key aspects of the law including latest developments from the courts such as the Supreme Court decision in Scott v Williams. It has a constant eye on the future and ways in which the law should be re-fashioned. The values that drive change are flagged. Judges, lawyers, academics, policy-makers and students alike should read this book.



• Examines law comparatively against policy objectives.
• Accessible for practitioners and students alike.
• Written by one of New Zealand’s leading experts in relationship property and family law.


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Bill Atkin BA/LLM (VUW) is professor of law at Victoria University of Wellington, and has taught a wide range of subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels over many years, including torts, family law, and medical law. He is general editor of the International Survey of Family Law, published annually, and has been consulted on a number of occasions by the New Zealand Government. Bill chaired the Ministerial Adoption Practices Review Committee, was a member of the Working Group on Matrimonial Property and Family Protection, and a member of the Ministerial Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A chequered policy history
Chapter 2: De facto relationships
Chapter 3: Classification of property
Chapter 4: Rules for dividing property
Chapter 5: Economic disparity
Chapter 6: Widowed parties
Chapter 7: Maintenance and child support
Chapter 8: Contracting out of the act
Chapter 9: Trusts and companies
Chapter 10: Creditors and debtors
Chapter 11: Jurisdiction, procedure and orders
Chapter 12: Conclusion: Are the reforms working?

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