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Reflections on the New Zealand Law Commission (eBook)

Reflections on the New Zealand Law Commission (eBook)

Rt Hon Geoffrey Palmer (ed), 2007

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This book celebrates the connections made over the 20 years since inception of the Law Commission by publishing the papers from the 20th anniversary seminar held in 2006.


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Reflections on the New Zealand Law Commission: Papers from the Twentieth Anniversary Seminar


From the commencement of the Law Commission's work in 1986 to the seminar held in honour of the Law Commission's first 20 years, law reform in New Zealand has benefited from the insight, integrity, and effort of the Commissioners and their researchers. Many critical areas of law have been exposed to the scrutiny of the Law Commission:


     •     Accident compensation
     •     Arbitration
     •     Company law
     •     Court system
     •     Criminal procedure
     •     Cross-border insolvency
     •     Crown liability and judicial immunity
     •     Damages
     •     Electronic commerce
     •     Evidence
     •     Experiences of Māori women
     •     International law
     •     Juries
     •     Legislation
     •     Personal property security
     •     Property law
     •     Retirement villages
     •     Sentencing
     •     Succession


The Law Commission and LexisNexis have preserved the papers presented in that twentieth anniversary seminar here in this attractive volume. Papers were presented by all the Presidents of the Commission, from the time of its inception until the time of the seminar. The book includes the keynote speech from the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, High Court of Australia, the first President of the Australian Law Reform Commission. The essays provide a reflection and a respect for the signal achievement of the Commission's oeuvre and influence in New Zealand law reform in these first 20 years.


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