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Questions and Answers: Criminal Law, 4th edition

Questions and Answers: Criminal Law, 4th edition

Midson, B, 2014

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Questions and Answers Criminal Law enables students to consolidate their understanding of criminal law by guiding them through a series of questions to help them build upon their existing knowledge and recognise more complex issues.


Format: Paperback


Questions and Answers Criminal Law, 4th edition presents the key principles and issues in criminal law to assist students to answer examination questions on this subject. Key areas of law are presented, not as a substitute to reading the cases and other prescribed texts, but to allow students to appraise relevant law before answering questions.

In this text, key areas of study are summarised. A suggested solution is also provided for each question and common pitfalls when answering questions are identified.



     •     Introductory comments are made on each topic
     •     Questions and a suggested solution is provided for each chapter
     •     Common pitfalls and key issues are identified


Brenda Midson is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Waikato University with research interest and expertise in Evidence; Family law; child sexual abuse and animal welfare issues.

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Actus reus

Chapter Two – Mens rea

Chapter Three – Some procedural matters and categorisation of offences

Chapter Four – Homicide

Chapter Five <NEW> – Non-fatal Offences Against the Person

Chapter Six – Parties to offences

Chapter Seven – Crimes against rights of property

Chapter Eight – Sexual offences

Chapter Nine – Defences – an overview and some common law defences

Chapter Ten – Insanity and automatism

Chapter Eleven – Self-defence and defence of another

Chapter Twelve – Compulsion

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