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Public International Law: A New Zealand Perspective

Public International Law: A New Zealand Perspective

Alberto Costi (editor), 2019

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Publication date: August, 2019


Relevant, current and applicable – placing public international law in a New Zealand context.


Format: Paperback

Once published, this title will also be available in eBook format.
eISBN: 9780947514419


Public International Law: A New Zealand Perspective is a major work for students of the public international law elective, practitioners and large firms with global practices. This book examines the events and cases that have affected New Zealand as a nation and as a Pacific island, and espouses the fundamental principles of international law from this perspective. New Zealand experience and interests with international law differ from the European- or US-centric studies for reasons of geographical and regional needs.

This book looks at developing understanding of compliance with, rather than enforcement of, international law principles, with each chapter containing a case study and list of additional readings that can aid understanding of the topic covered.

The author panel is overflowing with New Zealand international law experts, who have provided academically rigorous content relevant to New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.



- A comprehensive look at public international law through a New Zealand-centric lens
- Meets the need of both practitioners and students of public international law
- Panel of authors includes experts in their fields such as Scott Davidson, Treasa Dunworth, Vernon Rive and many more


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Alberto Costi (editor)

Alberto Costi's main teaching and research interests are in public international law, with specialisations in the law of armed conflict, international criminal law, international human rights law, the law of international organisations and international environmental law, and in comparative law and EU law. In all those areas, he has published extensively, presented papers at numerous international conferences, commented in the media and appeared before parliamentary committees. He has also advised a number of governments and other bodies on international law and EU law issues.

Table of Contents

1. Nature and development of international law
2. United Nations system
3. Pacific issues
4. Creation of international law
5. Legal personality
6. Territory
7. Antarctica
8. Jurisdiction
9. Immunities
10. State responsibility
11. Reception of international law within New Zealand
12. Human rights
13. Law of the sea
14. International environmental law
15. International trade law
16. International criminal law
17. Use of force
18. International humanitarian law
19. International dispute resolution

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