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Litigation Skills: A Practical Guide to Judge-alone Trials

Litigation Skills: A Practical Guide to Judge-alone Trials

Janine Bonifant and Anne Toohey, 2017

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Book 9780947514396 $85.00
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The second in a series of litigation skills publications, this practical guidebook aims to support practitioners working in the District Court. It includes clear guidance and useful tools to assist in every stage of the judge-alone trial process.

Format: Paperback


Litigation Skills: A Practical Guide to Judge-alone Trials will focus on the necessary steps to take when preparing for judge-alone trials: from the charge being laid, entering a plea, case review and pre-trail applications, through to the determination of the presiding Judge at the judge-alone trial.

Everyday scenarios are provided, together with tips, statements, sample documents and flow charts. The relevant legislation is also provided for ease of reference.



• Demonstrative flowcharts to aid in the judge-alone procedural process
• Sample charging documents, statements and court applications
• Practical tips
• Realistic example scenarios
• Provides relevant legislation for ease of reference


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Janine Bonifant has had over 20 years’ experience as a litigator, focusing on criminal law. She has previously worked as a senior Crown Prosecutor and Deputy Public Defender in Wellington and is currently practicing as a barrister based in Wellington. In addition to criminal defence work, she also represents clients before a range of tribunals. Janine has been a faculty member of the NZLS Litigation Skills programme since 2006 and was Director in 2013. She is currently an instructor for the Institute of Professional Legal Studies.

Anne Toohey is a barrister at Canterbury Chambers in Christchurch, specialising in civil and criminal litigation, employment law, criminal law, regulatory law, and health law. As senior counsel, she has prosecuted for the Crown in both District Court and High Court jury trials. Since 2007, Anne has been contracted to the New Zealand Police as an instructor for the Police Prosecutors’ Advocacy Courses at the Police College in Wellington and has prepared written training materials for the Police Prosecution Service in relation to advocacy and other legal topics. Anne is a faculty member of the NZ Litigation Skills course faculty, and the PILON (Pacific Islands Law Officer Network) faculty.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The case files
3. The procedural steps
4. Disclosure
5. Meeting the client
6. Case theory
7. The first call in court and case management / case review hearings
8. Pre-trial hearings
9. Preparation for the judge-alone trial
10. Procedural steps in trial
11. No case to answer applications
12. Outcomes of judge-alone trials

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