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LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, engage and grow your business, 2nd edition (eBook)

LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, engage and grow your business, 2nd edition (eBook)

Hodgson, K, 2015

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LinkedIn for Lawyers 2nd edition, by Kirsten Hodgson, is a vital tool for legal practitioners using social media to network and grow their business.

Format: ePub

This title is also available in Practitioner Book Online format.


Stop thinking about LinkedIn as a social network, and start thinking about it as a marketing network. LinkedIn is a powerful tool in an ever-changing online landscape, and can be effectively leveraged to help achieve business development and marketing goals. This practical guide is a thorough update to LinkedIn for Lawyers: Connect, engage and grow your business 1st edition, and is a vital resource for any lawyer who wants to take advantage of the marketing and business development opportunities offered by LinkedIn.



This book provides guidance and practical examples on how to:

     •     Build and raise your profile
     •     Manage your reputation
     •     Build your knowledge base and keep up-to-date with key issues in your area(s) of expertise
     •     Position yourself as an expert in your field
     •     Generate new business
     •     Keep in touch with, and engage with, your existing clients and referrers
     •     Research clients, prospects and competitors
     •     Meet and engage with prospects, potential referrers, colleagues and peers
     •     Get the right people into your sales funnel

This updated edition also includes a quick reference guide to leveraging other social media for your business, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+."


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Kirsten Hodgson has 15 years’ legal marketing experience, which includes working in the business development and marketing team for the Finance and Capital Markets Practice at Clifford Chance in London, and as Marketing Manager at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts with special responsibility for practice group and industry sector development.

She set up Kaleidoscope Marketing in 2004, providing marketing, lead generation and consulting services to the legal and professional services sectors. Approximately 80% of her business involves working with lawyers and barristers, including helping clients get started with LinkedIn, and creating and maintaining social media strategies for generating work. Kirsten also runs webinars and online courses on leveraging LinkedIn for business.

Table of Contents

     1.     Six LinkedIn Success Stories
     2.     An introduction to social media
     3.     Content Marketing
     4.     Why LinkedIn?
     5.     Planning for LinkedIn (and social media in general)
     6.     Business development and marketing success with LinkedIn
     7.     Anatomy of LinkedIn
     8.     Getting started, creating a compelling profile and setting up your company profile
     9.     Connecting with others
   10.     Joining and starting groups
   11.     Participating in, and leveraging, LinkedIn
   12.     Advertising on LinkedIn
   13.     Taking relationships offline
   14.     Measuring your performance
   15.     Managing/changing your LinkedIn settings
   16.     Reported success stories and final words
   17.     Useful resources and tools

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