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Judicial Review: A New Zealand Perspective, 4th edition (eBook)

Judicial Review: A New Zealand Perspective, 4th edition (eBook)

Graham Taylor, 2018

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Indispensable for those working or studying in the critical area of administrative law and the courts.


Format: ePub


Judicial Review: A New Zealand Perspective, 4th edition covers the structure, perspective, process and procedure of judicial review in New Zealand. It covers the grounds of judicial review by examining who (review of conferral of power), how (review of procedure of acting), what (review of exceeding the limits of power), and why (review of the reasons for acting). The succinct style and practical focus will allow a reader with a specific problem to find the relevant principles and case law quickly and easily. Recent movements in judicial approaches are traced, discussed and evaluated to ensure readers have the most up-to-date information.



• Expert guidance on an important area of the law
• Highly practical focus
• Holistic view of the topic


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Graham Taylor LLB/LLM (VUW), PHD (Cambridge) is one of the foremost administrative lawyers in New Zealand and has experience in all aspects of public law. He has worked in the senior Australian public service, been a member of tribunals, and legal counsel to the New Zealand Ombudsmen, as well as the private practice of law and spent ten years as an academic.

Table of Contents

PART 1: The Basic Structure of Judicial Review

Chapter 1: The Nature of Judicial Review
Chapter 2: The Breadth of Judicial Review
Chapter 3: The Depth of Judicial Review
Chapter 4: The Relationship between Judicial Review and Appeals

PART 2: The Process of Judicial Review

Chapter 5: The Primary Means of Judicial Review
Chapter 6: Other Means of Judicial Review
Chapter 7: Parties

PART 3: Procedure and Evidence

Chapter 8: Interlocutory Procedures
Chapter 9: Information Gathering Before Proceedings
Chapter 10: Evidence in Judicial Review Proceedings

PART 4: Grounds of Judicial Review

Chapter 11: Introduction to Grounds of Judicial Review
Chapter 12: Who? Review of the Conferral of Power
Chapter 13: How? Review of the Procedure of Acting
Chapter 14: What? Review of Exceeding the Limits of Powers
Chapter 15: Why? Review of the Reasons for Acting
Chapter 16: The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

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