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Health and Safety at Work Act: A Practical Guide (PBO)

Health and Safety at Work Act: A Practical Guide (PBO)

Heather McKenzie, 2016

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A rapid response, compact reference guide for practitioners, corporates, and other stakeholders affected by health and safety reform in employment law.

Format: Practitioner Book Online

This title is also available in hardcopy format.
ISBN: 9781927313244


Health and Safety at Work Act: A Practical Guide is a rapid response guide to the new Act. It is an all-in-one resource summarising key concepts of the Act including duties, worker participation and representation, notification, offences, penalties and legal proceedings. Its aim is to provide a concise, quick reference guide to operating under the new Act for people including corporate officers, persons conducting businesses or undertakings, workers, unions, regulators, the courts and legal practitioners.



• Compact, concise guide
• Rapid response to Health and Safety reforms
• Authoritative, clear commentary


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Dr Heather McKenzie works as a Crown Prosecutor at Raymond Donnelly & Co in Christchurch. She specialises in regulatory prosecution and proceeds of crime litigation. Dr McKenzie has previously worked as a Judges’ Clerk in the Auckland High Court, as a Crown Prosecutor at Meredith Connell in Auckland, and at a large national firm where she represented and advised corporates on health and safety matters. Her interest and experience in health and safety are drawn from having seen with the system from the prosecution and defence perspectives. She is the author of Proceeds of Crime Law in New Zealand.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Primary definitions, concepts and principles
Chapter 2. Duties
Chapter 3. Notification and record keeping
Chapter 4. Worker participation and representation
Chapter 5. Regulations, approved codes of practice and safe work instruments
Chapter 6. Role of inspectors and health and safety medical practitioners
Chapter 7. Enforcement tools
Chapter 8. Offences and penalties
Chapter 9. Legal proceedings
Chapter 10. Sentencing
Appendix 1. Background to the reforms

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