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Employment Law in New Zealand, 2nd edition (PBO)

Employment Law in New Zealand, 2nd edition (PBO)

Gordon Anderson , 2017

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Employment Law in New Zealand presents New Zealand employment law concisely and in a format accessible to both students and legal practitioners.


Format: Practitioner Book Online


Employment Law in New Zealand presents New Zealand employment law concisely and in a format accessible to both students and legal practitioners. New to this edition is an expanded discussion of the employment contract; changes arising from the Health and Safety Reform Act 2015; new legislation regarding strike law and minimum wages as well as collective bargaining and pay equity. In addition to the comprehensive commentary, the chapters include further reading and additional resource suggestions.



• A comprehensive yet concise overview of New Zealand employment law
• Includes further readings and additional resources that are invaluable for students and researchers
• Annual updates advising of changes to legislation and case law to be made available online
• 2nd edition has been restructured for coherence


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Gordon Anderson, is a professor of law at Victoria University of Wellington and is one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on labour and employment law. He is one of the authors of the leading commentary on employment law, Mazengarb’s Employment Law. Gordon has written numerous academic articles on a variety of aspects of New Zealand employment law, particularly on personal grievances, the legal and industrial relations restructuring of the last two decades and the introduction of a good faith obligation into New Zealand labour law. He has also represented various clients in employment related matters and provided policy and legal advice on legislation and labour law reform.

John Hughes has worked in private practice, specialising in employment law and personal injury law, and has taught law at universities in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is the author of Labour Law in New Zealand and a contributing author to the LexisNexis publications Mazengarb’s Employment Law and Personal Grievances.

Dawn Duncan is presently a teaching fellow and doctoral candidate at Victoria University of Wellington. Previously she has practiced as an employment lawyer in both New Zealand and Australia, including for Arnold Bloch Leibler in Melbourne and the New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation, and she taught commercial law and employment law at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland for five years. Dawn’s research interests focus particularly on work health and safety, and workers’ compensation in Australia and New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Part 1: General introduction

1. Scope and structure of the book
2. Character and functions of employment law
3. Parties, concepts and institutions

Part 2: Individual employment law

4. The individual employment relationship
5. The employee and the employment agreement
6. Formation and form of an employment agreement
7. Contractual aspects of employment
8. Termination of employment
9. Personal grievances
10. Specific employment issues

Part 3: Collective employment law

11. Collective employment relationships
12. Freedom of association and trade unions
13. Collective bargaining and collective agreements
14. Occupational health and safety

Extent: Approx. 750

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