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Directors and Managers Law Made Easy (2017) (eBook)

Directors and Managers Law Made Easy (2017) (eBook)

Peter Watts QC (Ed.); Benedict Stewart, 2017

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Enables directors and managers to understand their powers and duties quickly and clearly, allowing them to manage their legal risks, avoid liability and increase efficiency.


Format: ePub


Directors and managers are facing strong headwinds. Policy makers in the post-GFC era are tough on compliance. Directors are required to stay on top of their obligations, and the costs of not doing so can be severe. Meanwhile, directors are having to navigate companies through low-growth market conditions. There is increased pressure to beat the market. In these conditions it is tempting to let compliance take a back seat. But today this is simply too risky.

Directors and Managers Law Made Easy helps directors and managers stay ahead of their legal obligations. It provides up-to-date commentary in plain English, covering real situations, written specifically for the New Zealand market. Its accessible style does not compromise on conveying the substance of the law. Giving directors a sound knowledge of the basics of the relevant law will provide them with more time to focus on directing and managing the business.

All the big issues facing directors are covered. This includes the directors’ duties found in the Companies Act 1993 and in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. It also covers directors’ powers when delegating to employees, signing documents and holding meetings. This book focuses on practical advice and analysis. Simple steps go a long way to limiting exposure, avoiding penalties and increasing business efficiency.



• Plain English guide
• Summarises key legislation
• Identifies common risks
• Includes case studies and examples
• FAQs


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Consultant Editor

Peter Watts QC is a Professor of Law at the University of Auckland. His books include Directors’ Powers and Duties (2nd ed, 2015, LexisNexis) and Watts, Campbell and Hare Company Law in New Zealand (2nd ed, 2015, LexisNexis). He is also the general editor of Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency.



Benedict Stewart (BA/LLB (Hons)) is a solicitor at Chapman Tripp. He specialises in banking, finance and insolvency law.

Table of Contents

Who is a director?
What is a board of directors?
Directors’ duties
Company’s best interests
Serious breach and criminal liability
Compliance with Companies Act 1993 and constitution
Proper purpose
Care, diligence and skill
Relying on others’ advice
Transactions involving self-interest
Interests register
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
Delegation to employees
Delegation to professional advisers
Checklist: reviewing externally prepared financial reports
Company authority
Signing agreements
Template signing deeds
Authority to bind company
Delegation of authority policies
Shareholder approval
Formal meetings
Appointment to office
Statutory remedies for breach
Statutory penalties for breach

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