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Contract Law Made Easy (September 2017) (eBook)

Contract Law Made Easy (September 2017) (eBook)

Christina Bryant (Ed.); Dennis Murray, 2017

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Simplifying contract law. Keeping people informed. Making it easy!


Format: ePub


A good understanding of contract law is essential for every business and organisation wanting to deal effectively and safely with others. When it comes to contracts there are many potential pitfalls. Is the contract you are considering entering into enforceable? How do you resolve misunderstandings? Are there any hidden traps? If you want the answers to these questions, and many others, this book is an indispensable resource.

Contract Law Made Easy sets out the practical essentials of contract law in New Zealand to help you avoid potential legal issues. Both the common law as well as key contract legislation is summarised, including the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 which came into effect on 1 September 2017. A number of key commercial statutes were repealed and consolidated within the new Act.

By improving understanding, Contract Law Made Easy assists businesses to comply with their legal obligations.


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Consultant Editor

Christina Bryant (LLB(Hons)/MA) is a litigation partner at the law firm Hesketh Henry. Her practice includes a broad range of commercial contract disputes, including leading Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judgments on the assignment of contracts, limitation clauses and the exercise of contractual powers.


Dennis Murray (LLB) is CEO and co-founder of MyLawGuide and Dacreed. Dennis is the former CEO and founder of Intuto and was previously a senior executive with multinational legal publishing company CCH and a business journalist with the National Business Review and the New Zealand Herald.

Table of Contents

Contract basics
What is required to form a contract?
Types of contract
Privity of contract
Entering into contracts
Contract negotiations
Pre-contractual documents
False representations, deceptive and misleading conduct
Contract terms
Express terms
Implied terms
Standard terms
Unfair contract terms
Duration of contract
Substantial breach
Contracting out
Term of contract
Cheques in full and final settlement
Consequences of breach
Specific performance
Time limits
Contractual mistakes
Executing, varying and transferring contracts

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