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Burrows and Cheer Media Law in New Zealand, 7th edition (eBook)

Burrows and Cheer Media Law in New Zealand, 7th edition (eBook)

Cheer, U, 2015

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eBook 9781927248355 $175.00
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Red Book MNNZRED0SU $175.00

Burrows and Cheer Media Law in New Zealand is a complete account and analysis of all aspects of the law affecting the media in New Zealand.


Format: ePub

This title is also available in Practitioner Book Online format.


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It is aimed at students of law and journalism, practising lawyers and journalists, and other media professionals. To account for the varied audiences the authors have tried to keep the language as accessible as possible to those who are not legally trained, and to avoid legal jargon. Questions of legal procedure and pleading have, for the most part, been avoided but the author has included, mainly in the footnotes, the detail of cases and statutes that a lawyer needs.

This is the first edition written solely by Ursula Cheer without the assistance of John Burrows. In recognition of his contribution to the body of work, the book has been renamed Burrows and Cheer on Media Law in New Zealand.


Features of this product

  • Written by a well-respected New Zealand academic
  • The only book to cover the law in depth
  • Suitable for both students of law and journalism, along with both law practitioners and journalists
  • Up-to-date and relevant content


Ursula Cheer is a Professor of Law, specialising in media law, at the University of Canterbury. She is a member of the editorial board and an international contributing editor of the Media & Arts Law Review and is also a member of the editorial committee of the Journal of Media Law. She is a regular Radio New Zealand commentator on Media Law issues.

Table of Contents

1. Penalties and Remedies
2. Defamation
3. Defences to a Defamation Action
4. Copyright
5. Breach of Confidence
6. Privacy
7. Other Civil Liabilities
8. Reporting Court Proceedings
9. Contempt of Court
10. Criminal Offences
11. Reporting Parliament and Local Authorities
12. Freedom of Information
13. Investigation and Interview
14. Complaints
15. Advertising Standards
16. The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

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